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Patricia Candy
I have been interested in photography and art for over thirty years.   I graduated with an AA, (Highest Honors) in art.  However, I felt that nothing was perfect!   I began to focus on another career path,  receiving a degree in English Literature with a proficiency in French translation.  I did not pick up a brush and paint for more than fifteen years.   I was redirected to this artistic path after having an accident.  I turned off a single step and fell, tearing the ligaments on both sides of my ankle and ripping  a piece of bone off the top of my foot. Some say that must have been a horrible accident.  I believe it was wonderful because it all worked together for good.  It was nearly two years before I would fully recover. No time was wasted. I began painting again.  I believe my studies in literature and language provides me with an insight into other cultures and makes my work "unique".  My art tells a story.  People can see the same piece of work and it transports each one to a time or place of their own.  I really enjoy the fact that so many people can relate to different places and experiences through one piece of art and it touches their hearts.  I feel blessed!

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